Left Edge

CNC - Computer Numerical Control

CNC Part being manufacturedStar (swiss style) machines are perfect for the extremely close tolerances and mirror like finishes needed for numerous industries we service. Prototyping is quick and easy with our setup technicians. This department, like all other departments, strives for perfection at all times. With the additional functionality and our operators superior craftsmanship, these machines can produce some truly exceptional parts.

Capacity Ranges

Outside Diameter - Ø Overall Lengths
1/8" to 1-1/4" 0.030" - 40"

KXLY Manufacturing Monday Lyn-Tron Interview - CNC Department

This an Interview with Mark Peterson on the Good Morning Northwest show for their Manufacturing Monday segment which aired on August 2. This clip feature's or CNC Department to see the whole segment in its entirety please vist KXLY.


Right Edge