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Davenport Multi-Spindle Screw Machine

Davenport Gears

With its independent camming this is one of the most versatile and fastest bar machines used in the industry today. Our innovative tooling technology and setup experience allows us to run extremely fast cycle times with a very high efficiency rate. The Davenport machines have minimal setup time while maintaining an exceptionally high standard of quality.

Capacity Ranges

Round Hex Square Overall
1/8" - 7/8" 1/8" - 3/4" 1/8" - 5/8" 0.050" - 2.500"



Matt LeBret is the supervisor of the Davenport department. Matt started in the screw machine business over 21 years, with all of his time served being at Lyn-Tron. Currently, Matt has his hands full with 21 Davenport machines and 14 employees operating concurrently. Along with Matt's wealth of hands on experience he also has the unique ability to relate very well with all employees. Matt is an invaluable asset to Lyn-Tron and his dedication to the Quality Management System along with customer satisfaction to deliver quality parts, on-time, is phenomenal.

KXLY Manufacturing Monday Lyn-Tron Interview - Davenport Department

This an Interview with Mark Peterson on the Good Morning Northwest show for their Manufacturing Monday segment which aired on August 2. This clip feature's or Davenport Department to see the whole segment in its entirety please vist KXLY.

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