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Fanuc Wire EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire EDMThe EDM gives Lyn-Tron the capacity of designing and cutting our own tools in house. This allows us to eliminate the down time for tools that are needed for prototypes or rush jobs. With a decrease in down time and an increase in efficiency we are able to pass that added cost savings to our customers. This machine is a great addition to an already expansive tool room.


With 25+ years of machining and tooling experience, Doug Bramer was a great catch when he arrived at Lyn-Tron one year ago. Doug is fluent in G-code and spends much of his day programming custom tool needs on Lyn-Tron's Fanuc Wire EDM.

Having someone at Lyn-Tron who specializes in the use of an EDM is very important. Doug is a very customer driven employee and is always willing and able to help any machinist with his creation of custom tools.

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