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Eubama - Rotary Transfer Machine

Eubama PartsThe unique design of these machines allow for fast cycle times in deep hole drilling and tapping. Machines run with coil material that allows for very high efficiency rates. Whether you need a high volume run or a low quantity run, this department has the ability to satisfy your request. Our operators endure countless hours of training and are always held to the highest standard by our Quality Control department

Capacity Ranges

Round Hex Overall
4.5mm - 8mm 4.5mm - 8mm 0.187" - 3.500"


The Eubamas are currently supervised by Brian Lear. Brian also supervises the Hydromat and ZPS620 departments.

KXLY Manufacturing Monday Lyn-Tron Interview - Eubama Rotary Transfer Department

This an Interview with Mark Peterson on the Good Morning Northwest show for their Manufacturing Monday segment which aired on August 2. This clip feature's or Eubama Rotary Transfer Department to see the whole segment in its entirety please vist KXLY.


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