Left Edge


Ryan working at the HydromatWith full CNC capabilities, the Hydromat gives us the flexibility of changing stock sizes quickly and change overs in a very short time. We can manufacture larger parts at a greatly reduced cycle, time with superior quality, at a very high efficiency rate. Lyn-Tron's Hydromat was featured in the June 2008 issue of Tooling and Production magazine. To view the full article in PDF format please click here.

Capacity Ranges

Outside Diameter - Ø Overall Lengths
3/16" - 1.0" 1/2" - 4"


With over 22 years in the machining, sheet metal and manufacturing business Brian Lear provides a unique perspective to the departments he oversees. As supervisor of the Eubama and the Hydromats Brian stays sharp with 5 employees and 8 production machines. As a valuable asset to Lyn-Tron, Brian works extremely well with employees and encourages an open line of communication to quickly identify and solve problems focusing on quality parts and meeting on-time delivery for our customers.

Right Edge